Neil_sm“Sharp Grossmont Hospital recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Neil Farber as our guest speaker at our quarterly general medical staff meeting.  This was one of the most well-attended meetings that we have ever had.  Dr. Farber spoke eloquently and with a touch of humour, which linked very nicely into his topic of positivity in the workplace.  His words of wisdom really hit home with the medical staff, and we truly appreciate him visiting us.  He had such great ideas, logical advice, and an all-round way of just making good sense.  He was such a delight, and we hope to put his words into practice.  Thank you, Dr. Farber, for pointing us in the right direction towards positivity.”
-Rina Jain, M.D., Chief of Staff, Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa, CA

“Dr. Farber’s knowledge on positivity in the workplace should be heard by all healthcare organizations.  His concepts improve employee/provider satisfaction and relationships but most importantly they improve the overall experience for patients.  I encourage anyone involved in healthcare to learn from Dr. Farber.”
-Brett W. Norell MHA/MPH, FACHE, Business Manager, Surgical Services,
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

“Dr. Farber’s insights into the damage we’re inflicting on ourselves in healthcare was thought provoking.  As I work to improve quality and reduce the cost of healthcare, the idea of a positive work environment resonates with me – as it should for anyone who is concerned about controlling the cost of healthcare.  While it seems intuitive that creating a positive healing environment for the patient has a direct impact on the rate of healing, we often don’t stop to think about the things we do and say in our daily routines that contradict the environment we work so hard to create for the patient.  To truly change how we deliver healthcare in our institutions and reform healthcare, it’s crucial we work to incorporate Dr. Farber’s advice on a positive work environment.”
-Andy Hillig MBA, FACHE, Director, Operational Excellence,
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

“I found Dr. Farber’s presentation to be well worth my time.  Not only is he an excellent speaker, but his research is fascinating! His work really validates that the way we treat each other and our patients can truly make a profound difference in the healing process.”
-Anne E. Jurenec, Chief Executive Officer, Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin

“I really enjoyed Dr. Farber’s presentation at the ACHE meeting.  My biggest takeaway was affirmation of his theory of positivity correlating to productivity.  We all intuitively understand this (ex: – don’t yell at someone trying to learn how to ride a bike, but rather encourage them, help them along.)  It’s the same in business and medicine.  I believe in the comfort scoring instead of pain scoring methodology.  I recently experienced this in my own physician’s office.  She and I got a chuckle when I pointed out the immediate negative connotation of the pain chart.  I’ll never look at one of those charts the same, and it’s a great reminder of how positive life can be.  Thanks Dr. Farber!!!”
-MaryAnn Camacho, GM Support Operations & Integration, GE Healthcare

The ‘paths to organizational positivity’ as presented by Dr. Neil Farber should be studied by all healthcare leaders who are serious about transforming culture in their organizations.  The ability to give attention to the team members bringing positive energy instead of negativity and blame is a game-changer.”
-Lois Sater, MA, Project Manager, HAI Prevention Project, Division of Public Health

“I wanted to thank you for the delightful presentation you gave at our meeting last night. Your topic was extremely applicable to our current and future lives; and we all took away some new skills and ideas to explore for fostering balance, both professionally and personally. I wish you the best with your many endeavors and thank you again for sharing your energy and wisdom with us.”
-Karina Sater, Medical College of Wisconsin

“I was recently at a WISPAN seminar at which Neil Farber presented 2 very helpful topics. I work as a nurse in  pre-op, pacu, and post-op roles in a small hospital. His talks were so applicable to my daily work. He’s a great speaker, very funny! I also got a copy of his book, The Blame Game and really enjoyed it! I would highly recommend him as a speaker! Thank you very much!!”
-Cathy Burns, RN

“I met you at the Perianesthesia Nursing Conference last fall in Door County.Your talk was so inspiring to me and many of the principles you talked about are similar to those of Al anon, which has helped me in all areas of my life. Anyway, when I returned the next week, I ran into our CEO and told him about you and he went on to hire you for our hospital. I am so happy that you will be speaking to the fine people at Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital and Clinics; they are an amazing group of people and they will soar with your help.”
-Terry Zeuske, RN, BSN, CPAN

“What an interesting presentation you provided today, June 8th to the members of Professional Dimensions! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about positivity and how to make it part of your personal and professional life. I am a great believer in the power of thinking this way. Your depth of knowledge is amazing! This is a topic that all of us need to re-define and apply throughout our lives as we all tend to fall back in to those negative things. Many positive comments were heard from those who attended the meeting.”
-Ann Barry Hanneman, Vice President-Administration, Professional Dimensions
-Lois Dee, Executive Administrator, Professional Dimensions

“The presentation on Positivity in the workplace by Dr. Farber was very insightful for the staff. It generated a lot of discussion both at the time of presentation and for days after. Dr. Farber kept the audience engaged during the entire presentation. His use of examples and stories threaded throughout the presentation really helped the staff remember the concepts and be able to apply them every day here at work. I would highly recommend this presentation to help enlighten people on how easy it is to be more positive in their daily work lives.”
-Denise Augustin, Executive Director, Surgicenter of Greater Milwaukee


“Great information. Great presentation! Not only was this presentation fantastic and excellent, informative and flavored with humor, but it truly was Jewish, based both on history and halacha; which to me enhanced its credibility 100%. The Farbers had such a wealth of information to share. I easily could have listened for longer.”
– D.B.

“I loved the content and the explanation of how to incorporate the ideas into everday life – very helpful.”
– Alex

“I thoroughly have enjoyed the positive power classes you and Dr. Farber have presented
at the JCC. I have found them to be quite thought provoking. I enjoy Dr. Farber’s informal style of presentation. I would be interested in meeting in the future to continue the discussion.”

“The seminar was very interesting and enjoyed learning about the science behind the subject matter.”

“I really enjoyed the positive parenting series and I appreciate it being available at the school.
I just had to share with you that yesterday my son got a book in the mail from the PJ library called “The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch” and it is basically straight from the class! A woman’s complaints all come true, and when she asks her rabbi what to do he tells her to praise all the good things in her life instead of complaining about the bad, and the good comes true. Perfect! Thanks again.”
– Sarah

Self-Defense Classes

“Some time ago I read a short article in a local Milwaukee publication about Dr. Neil Farber’s self defense course and was impressed. I had taken some training in Taekwondo in the past and I retained some interest in martial arts, but had not found the right venue. About seven years ago I accepted a commission in the US Navy as a medical officer. I remembered the article about Neil Farber and contacted him, inquiring if he might be interested in teaching an introductory self defense class to my Navy detachment. Dr. Farber agreed to lead the instruction and it was a tremendous success. One of my Navy enlisted colleagues, Petty Officer 3rd Class Annaliese Pinkalla, mentioned afterward that “it was the best thing she had ever done at the reserve center.” Since that time I have enrolled in his regular class at the JCC, and it is better than I had hoped. The techniques we work on are simple, practical, and very effective. It is exactly the kind of course I have been looking for. If you are searching for a great self defense class with a healthy dose of physical conditioning mixed in, this is the one for you.”
-Dr. Gregg Moral, Commander, US Navy, Medical Corps

“Dr. Neil Farber is one of my best friends and one of my best Israeli Martial arts teachers. He is also one of my traditional Martial arts friends and best teachers in the USA”.
-Avi Nardia, Major, Israeli Defense Forces Res., Staff Sergeant Major (NCO) Israeli Police Special Counter Terror Unit, Official Defensive Tactics/CQB Instructor. Official Instructor of Defensive Tactics and Operational Behavior at the Israeli Operational Police Academy and for the Israeli army, Israeli Police, and Israeli counter terror units.

“If you’re interested in a self-defense class that, ‘cuts to the chase’, then Neil’s class is for you. Forget about katas and forms, the techniques demonstrated in this class are straight-forward, unambiguous, and highly effective. You’ll learn how to defend against a knife attack, a stick attack, a gun, or a choke, and many more life threatening situations. Plus, Neil will get you in the best shape of your life!”
-Jeffrey Bern, Director – Business Analysis at The Mark Travel Corporation



“This funny, well-intentioned book is right on when it comes to human behavior. Read it, learn from it, and apply it to your life and you will never again pass the buck so easily.”
Stephen R. Covey, PhD, bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People & The Leader in Me

“The Blame Game crackles with humor but shines with real psychologist insights. Just as he does in his popular posts on our blog site, Farber gently illustrates the dangers of not taking responsibility for one’s self.”
Carlin Flora, Features Editor, Psychology Today

“Rather than blaming, start reading! This is a thoughtful, accessible book that could actually make you happier.”
Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, author of Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment

“The Blame Game presents a humorous guide to blaming with practical and insightful ways to jump off the Blame Train. Dr. Farber’s witty and informative style makes this a fun and edifying read. Take it seriously and it will change your life for the better.”
Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus and The No Complaining Rule

“Dr. Farber paints a persuasive picture of how ordinary is our extraordinary tendency to blame. More important, he shows how well-being will follow when we give it up.”
Ellen Langer, PhD, author of Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility

“I’ve read numerous books on this subject and by far and away found this lighthearted approach to be the most enjoyable to read. Full of great advice and levity, it is just fun. The author’s approach is refreshing and insightful. Enjoy and be inspired to stop blaming.”
Mark S. Gridley, Vice President Physician Affairs, FHN Healthcare, Freeport, IL

“I’m astonished at how good this book is. Tremendously insightful and chalk full of interesting historic and current events that highlight the point.”
Jeffrey Clayton, MD, Anesthesiologist, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

“The Blame Game helps to usher in our new era of responsibility with: Ask not where the buck stops. It stops with thee.”
Tad Waddington, PhD, author of Lasting Contribution: How to Think, Plan, and Act to Accomplish Meaningful Work

“To Blame is human; to write about it with humor, skill, and insight s to write a book worth reading. How wonderful to have a help book that actually helps.”
Herzl R. Spiro, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, The University of Wisconsin-Madison

“If you are like me, you spend way too much time and energy blaming others for disappointments and offenses when you could be moving on with a productive and happy life. Want to learn how to stop blaming and live more abundantly? This is the book for you, Entertaining, yet thoughtful, playing the Blame Game will unclutter your emotions and your life.”
Everett L. Worthington Jr., PhD, author of Forgiving and Reconciling: Bridges to Wholeness and Hope

“Throughout my career, supplementing my life experiences with thoughtful texts on management, psychology and human behavior have been invaluable. One of the difficulties with many of these is that it often feels like studying to digest the comments. This book effortlessly brings wit and readability to a vitally important topic no matter what rung of the ladder you are on and regardless of your field of interest. This text has the potential to transform individual lives and corporate cultures. I have placed it on my shelf of must read books!”
Joseph Kerschner, MD, CEO, Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs for Children’s Specialty Group, Professor and Vice Chairman, Otolaryngology, Medical College of Wisconsin

“In a book that is long overdue, Dr. Farber identifies a critical problem most of us face: and unwillingness to hold ourselves accountable. While many of us seem to be all too willing to point fingers at others for our failings, Dr. Farber provides a map with which we can become more self-aware and, in the process, lead a more fulfilling life.”
Ed Levitus, PhD, Associate Professor, Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business

“The No Blaming Zone was a wonderful book and very easy and quick to read. I definitely see myself going back to read it again and again to “cement” the ideas in my mind. I would encourage everyone to read this book and take the ideas to heart and mind. The concepts are so simple and could make such a difference in a person’s life. I would highly recommend that everyone in this world read this and “stop blaming others for their own situation”. What a key takeaway! I also love the phrase “happy is a verb”. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their outlook on life.”
Denise Augustin, Executive Director, Surgicenter of Greater Milwaukee

“This book, written in a lighthearted, easy to read, conversational manner, is an eye opener. Blaming is everywhere. It drains our energy and focus and distracts us from getting to solutions. This book brings this fact to the forefront of our awareness, where it can be dealt with. My favorite part of the book is from chapter 10 onward where the benefits of quitting the blame game and mechanism of how to quit are described. Dr. Farber draws upon his own life experience so much so that, once finished, you feel as if you just had a long conversation with a good friend about something that really matters.”
Dr. Peter Bandettini, Chief, Section on Functional Imaging Methods, Director, Functional MRI Core Facility, National Institute of Mental Health.

“It’s easy to blame others. It’s hard to blame others well. “The Blame Game: The Complete Guide to Blaming: How to Play and How to Quit” discusses the power of blame and how to use it accurately and well, and realize it’s not always the worst thing in the world. Empowering readers through a shift of responsibility, “The Blame Game” has a unique approach to finding peace and encouragement, and it works, highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Making Lemonade

“Here’s a recipe for you: Take a full bowl of scientific evidence, add plenty of common sense to make it digestible, and then mix it with lemonade to sweeten it even more.  What you get is this delicious book that can provide bite-size advice for all those interested in savoring life.”
Tal Ben-Shahar, Best-selling author,  of Happier and In Pursuit of Perfect

“Making Lemonade contains a breathtaking array of immediately useful and inspiring information on how to turn negatives into positives. Dr. Farber’s latest book is relevant to everyone as it can be used to turn around a life or fine- tune a problem area! Each of the 101 recipes is a no-frills and directly-to-the-point description of a positive trait or perspective and what exactly you need to do to achieve it. This book can be read from cover to cover or skimmed like a book of recipes. What aspect of your life would you like to improve today? The step by step recipe is probably in this book. ”
Dr. Peter Bandettini, Ph.D. Chief, Section on Functional Imaging Methods, Director, Functional MRI Core Facility, National Institute of Mental Health.

“With a sly sense of humor and a kind heart, Dr. Farber has given us “food” for the soul. In brief and entertaining snippets, readers are encouraged to think about established values, attributes and axioms in new ways. His insights are often the product of behavioral science research, while the suggestions feel as comfortable and wise as those dispensed by a trusted family member. This is a delightful book that is funny and touching, but more importantly could positively impact the reader in a profound and potentially life-changing way.”
Afton L. Hassett, PsyD, Associate Research Scientist, Department of Anesthesiology, Chronic Pain & Fatigue Research Center, University of Michigan Medical School

“Dr. Farber has written a recipe book that should find its way into every home. Making Lemonade is packed full of healthful strategies, steps and formulas to living a happier life. The recipes are practical, satisfying, and are sure to make you smile. This is a most nourishing path to empowerment! A great way to start off your day with a fresh perspective.”
Anita Stangl, President & Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for Smiles – Medical Missions for Children

“This book is lemonade for the soul. Dr. Farber’s strategies and tips are simple, practical, fun and refreshing.”
John Gordon, Best-selling author, The Energy Bus and Soup

“The latest scientific data crunched down into delicious bite sized recipes that all readers can enjoy and use.  I really liked this book!”
Sarah Pressman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Kansas.

“Dr. Farber’s latest work is packed full of practical recipes for personal empowerment, general well being, and happiness. It provides the reader with almost instant refreshment for the daily challenges of the human condition. Its simplicity and organization make it a nourishing reference for regular use as we encounter the myriad of opportunities provided to us in daily life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to quench the thirst created by the human psyche. I suspect that after the first use it will become a treasured guide and a top gift giving choice for family, friends, and colleagues.”
Mark S. Gridley, MBA, Vice President Physician Affairs FHN Healthcare

“Dr. Farber has contributed significantly to the literature on transforming environments, organizational cultures and attitudes through development of positive approaches to problems we all face. Making Lemonade is an engaging approach that allows any reader to break down common struggles and define a positive approach. I have “tried” many of the recipes from the book and “cooking” with this on my reading list has definitely improved my overall health.”
Dr. Joseph Kerschner, Dean and Executive Vice President, Medical College of Wisconsin
Professor, Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences, Medical College of Wisconsin

“This book offered several options for understanding and resolving the negative circumstances and issues that occur daily. Dr. Farber gives clear insight on not only the “why” it happens, but the steps to change it for the better. A very witty, and charming approach to becoming proactive problem solving!”
Rosemarie F. Weinstein “rosie” (chi town)

“The benefits of a positive perspective are obvious, for happiness, success, relationships, and even health. Less obvious is how one can become more positive, and MAKING LEMONADE contains dozens of suggestions playfully packaged in accessible recipes. Readers are urged to try out those that make most sense. All you might lose is your pessimism.”
Christopher Peterson, Professor of Psychology, Director, Michigan Positive Psychology Center, University of Michigan

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