Dr. Neil E. Farber, MD, PhD joins as a Blogger at Psychology Today
Neil E. Farber has a BS degree with honors in Psychology and completed dual Doctorate degrees in Research and Medicine. He…

Health IQ Magazine article entitled, “Don’t just dream it, do it” by Vanessa Ilicic, HealthLogix Reporter. This article focused on the Key to Achieve Principles as the foundation of Action Boards.

Dr. Neil Farber and The Blame Game, live interview on the, Nov. 30, 2010

Dr. Neil Faber and The Blame Game, live interview on San Diego Living, Oct. 18, 2010

Dr. Neil Farber and The Blame Game, live interview on Wisconsin Public Radio, May 16, 2011
Listen to Dr. Farber’s interview with Ben Merens on “At Issue”. Dr. Farber discusses “Blaming” with Ben and callers.

From Nick’s Picks in the Uptown Update:
…Consider how much energy is spent every day of every year by individuals, citizens, large businesses and world leaders searching for the scapegoat, the stooges, and the right amount sweetly secured spin. Now consider this energy going towards actually discovering and acknowledging root causes and appropriately addressing the issue to resolve the matter at hand. While one level of output may help you climb that ladder more quickly, which has more obvious long-term benefits regarding mental health, physical well being and emotional intelligence? As this article may not have found you with alacrity I apologize; maybe it was my fault after all. Don’t shirk a potential change. Pick up a copy and put down the game, The Blame Game.
– Nicholas Taylor, Sales Manager, Borders in Uptown Chicago

Finding Relief: Autoimmune diseases respond to alternative approaches
By Cathy Breitenbucher and Judy Steininger May 2008 in Greater Milwaukee Today

Conventional therapies treat symptoms such as pain, inflammation and diarrhea, according to Dr. Neil E. Farber, an associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. “Alternative therapies look at it as a lack of balance in the immune system and try to balance that, whether it’s through acupuncture, herbs, homeopathic approaches, or certain diets and foods,” Farber explains.
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Hallucinogenic plant joins state list of banned substances
Dec 26, 2007 Assoc Press in Prevention Update (Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention).
The herb’s (salvia) long-term effects are still unknown, said Dr. Neil Farber, an associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin who has researched the herb. But it can be as potent as LSD, causing visions and improved moods in some people, Farber said. It also can cause loss of balance and coordination, and alter perception.

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I-Team: Legal High by Aaron Diamant. Nov 5, 2007 TMJ4
Salvia divinorum is as powerful as LSD, but as easy and as legal to buy as a bottle of booze. “The effects are gone in about an hour, and so people are continuously looking for how to take more to make it last longer,” explained Dr. Neil Farber, an anesthesiologist with the Medical College of Wisconsin. “In general, when people do that, if they’re trying to guess the weight, it’s a really dangerous way of trying to take this drug,” Farber warns.

Rock Doc makes backstage calls  By VIKKI ORTIZ Journal Sentinel staff July 7, 2001
He tends to ills of visiting musicians, and takes his fee in memorabilia.
When Paul Simon isn’t feeling well and needs a checkup, when Prince wants physical therapy for his leg, when Elton John has a hoarse voice two hours before his concert — there’s one guy to call in Milwaukee.
Neil Farber is the Rock Doc.
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