Overcoming Adversity

Throughout our lives, we all have to deal with unpleasant events. These events can be traumatizing and debilitating or empowering and motivating. It’s not the event that determines our outcome, it’s our interpretation of the events.

Like most of us, Dr. Farber has had his fair share of physical and emotional challenges and each time emerged mentally and physically stronger. At the age of thirteen he was diagnosed with arthritis. But this didn’t stop him from competing in several different sports including track and field, long-distance running and martial arts. At age thirty, a recurrence of the arthritis left him bedridden and unable to sit or walk. Eventually with a healthy mind, body, spirit and diet, he was able to fully recover without any limitations. Dr. Farber later suffered a blown-out lumbar disc and lost muscle control and sensation in both his legs. He underwent urgent back surgery and afterwards required a cane for walking and was told that he may be permanently disabled. He completed a spinal cord rehabilitation program and was able to recover the ability to walk without assistance and eventually went back to competing in triathlons and winning grand championships in martial arts tournaments. A few years later, following a car accident, Dr. Farber had a compressed spinal cord in his neck, lost muscle control and sensation in both his arms and again required urgent surgery for a cervical spine fusion. He completed spinal cord rehabilitation for a second time and again fully regained his strength and mobility. Dr. Farber has gone onto becoming a martial arts grandmaster with multiple black belts and certifications.

As one of many people to find there is life after divorce, Dr. Farber emerged happy and healthy. He has three amazing independent and optimistic daughters from whom he has learned many life lessons.

Dr. Farber has mastered the art of resilience by converting DISTRESS (disabling unhealthy stress) to EUSTRESS (healthy stressful challenges). This has allowed him to achieve goals and continue to strive with peak performance.