Action Boards


What is The Action Board?
The Action Board is both a powerful motivational tool and a process for bringing your thoughts, values, strengths, and actions into alignment with your goals.
The Action Board system provides a specific, action-oriented framework of 10 simple steps for reaching your most fulfilling goals.
What do you most want to achieve?
No goal is too big or too small. This is your life! You get to design it anyway you want. What do you choose? What are your deepest desires? You have only one life, live it and be what you want to be!
What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
Apply The Action Board to virtually any aspect of your life. It will help you lose weight, stop smoking, achieve your professional goals, reach your retirement goals, meet educational objectives, create and enhance relationships, enrich your spiritual life, be a better parent and so much more. The Action Board is The Key to Achieve your true potential. Move beyond dreaming to Inspired Action!
Why The Action Board?
The Action Board is a research-based approach that takes the mysticism out of Vision Boards. It is the first system that incorporates the importance of Active Visualization with the principles of positive psychology, attraction, value-based goals, mindfulness, accountability, Inspired Action, and Farber’s Domino Theory. The Action Board fills the void for an effective goal-achievement tool; visualization of the process coupled with an action plan is The Key to Achieve your dreams!