Action Board vs. Vision Board


Are you like so many people who have tried unsuccessfully to attain your goals with a vision board? Vision boarding is a money-making scheme based on the so-called, law of attraction – Like Always Attracts Like. Positive always attracts positive and negative always attracts negative. As in the book, The Secret, if you think it and live it, the universe will deliver it to you. Vision boarding has achieved notoriety in the past few years and has become a major international industry. I have exposed the truth about the law of attraction. Believing in this “law” may be detrimental to your health, inhibit your compassion for others, decrease your motivation, and lessen your chance of achieving goals.

“From where did this law of attraction originate?”
The earliest descriptions that name this as a law were in the New Thought movement of the early 1900’s. Although some will claim that the origins date back to antiquity. Like any law of the universe, the law of attraction is allegedly as strong as the law of gravity. It never fails. Whatever you put into the universe, is what you will always receive from the universe. In other words, by virtue of being a natural or universal “law” it always works. Vision boards try to channel your positive energy and imagery to the universe to grant you all of your wishes via the law of attraction. There are millions of people who have been involved in vision boarding in one form or another. Out of millions of people involved in vision boards, there are thousands of people who have anecdotally claimed success at achieving their goals by using vision boards. However, there are many more who have created “unsuccessful” vision boards. Even Oprah Winfrey’s vision board coach states she has created many boards, which were “complete failures.” In fact, the law of attraction does not work 99.9% of the time. Why are there so many disappointed and unfulfilled vision boarders? How is it possible for an expert to fail multiple times at achieving goals using a universal tool that always works? Perhaps the vision board is not the magic bullet it is purported to be. I am not on a mission to dispel beliefs in mysticism or spirituality. But just because the law of attraction is mystical, doesn’t make it correct.

When you follow the law of attraction, your beliefs and actions do not align. Your conscious mind and subconscious mind not working in synch. While you are trying to invoke the law of attraction and visualizing the perfect future, you can’t also take the required action steps to fulfill your goals! Believing in the law of attraction may be detrimental to your health, waste time, inhibit compassion for others, decrease your motivation, and actually lessen your chance of success.

The Action Board is an evidence-based system founded on ground-breaking research studies in social psychology, positive psychology, mind-brain science, and goal achievement. The key to the Action Board is the eight Key to Achieve principles and ten components that re-train your brain, activate your focus center, and connect your conscious and subconscious minds to work in harmony. All of the successful “experts” claiming to use the law of attraction actually use principles from the Action Board to achieve their personal goals. I first published the concept of the Action Board in Psychology Today in 2012. Now with almost 200,000 hits, the Action Board is quickly gaining respect as the ultimate GOAL-ACHIEVEMENT BOARD.

The truth is that you don’t have to Throw Away Your Vision Board. Don’t waste the pictures and motivational sayings. Convert your vision board into an Action Board. You upgrade your car, cell phone, computer, ipad, and Microsoft Windows. Now is your chance to upgrade your goal board. This will be an empowering and energizing upgrade that will take you from spectator to participant in achieving your goals.