Key to Achieve Principles

The Amazing Results Will Change Your Life… FOREVER!


Why are some people high achievers, top athletes, or enormously successful, while others seem to be constantly struggling or failing?
Are they more deserving?

Are they smarter?

Are they luckier?
They have used the principles in The Key to Achieve to transform!
  • Transform your core values into specific goals.
  • Transform these thoughts into empowering visions.
  • Transform these visions into extraordinary, inspired actions
  • Transform these actions into the powerful ability to obtain your deepest desires.

The Key is:
  • To incorporate the Eight Principles of Achievement.
  • To harness the amazing power of your thoughts.
  • To learn how to create Inspired Action.
  • To embark on a journey of enlightenment, attainment, and fulfillment.
Positive thought leading to Positive Action is Positively The Key to Achieve.
  • Apply the Eight Principles of Achievement to All Aspects of your life
  • Use The Key and Active Visualization in The Action Board
  • A Certified Action Board Coach will Guide Your Journey

Eight Principles of Achievement

ACCOUNTABILITYBring personal responsibility to all aspects of your life including goal-directed thoughts and behaviors. You have been given amazing gifts; strengths, abilities and talents, harnessing and utilizing these gifts is empowering and The Key to Achieve.
VALUESWhile goals are specific locations on a map, values are like directions on a compass; your principles. Values set a course on your life journey and affect the significance of your goals. Establishing goals based on your values infuses them with deeper meaning. Value-based goals energize you for passionate pursuit.
Mindfulness title
MINDFULNESSBeing fully present and aware of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings is critical to living a full and meaningful life. The present is always here and the more we are mindful of this, the greater will be your possibilities for success. Focus on the journey.
POSITIVITYPositive Psychology is the scientific study of what makes us flourish. The Action Board incorporates Key concepts from Positive Psychology such as using your personal strengths, finding flow, personal initiative, positive self-talk, optimism, hope, and relationships.
Attraction title
ATTRACTIONThe principle, NOT the Law, of Attraction is a Key component to achieving your goals. Like tends to attract like; positivity tends to attract positivity. You have the power to make this happen.
Domino Theory
DOMINO-THEORYDr. Farber created the domino theory of goal-setting where each goal is represented by a domino. Every commitment and challenge along your journey will become a goal – a domino for you to knock down. Every domino knocked over is a success for you to celebrate – your domination. Through the use of dominoes, The Action Board will build your self-esteem, keep you motivated and optimistic, decrease your stress, and improve satisfaction in your life with successes beyond your wildest imagination.
DIVINE Visualization
DIVINE-VISUALIZATIONAn optimistic, mindful and energizing process by which you can envision your goals while creating inspired action.
Inspired Action
INSPIRED-ACTIONThe Key to Achieve takes action to a deeper level. There are two secrets: First- Inspired Action is motivating, energizing and will catapult you towards achieving your goals. Second- There’s no need to wait. You can create Inspired Action through proper visualization. Nothing happens without action.