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May 1, 2012/

A Surprising Journey Wow! It started as an innocent comment on a blog… I’ve been writing about life journeys in…

April 19, 2012/

The Value of Goals Goals are great. We should all have goals. Goals help us to focus our energy, form plans,…

February 7, 2012/

The Domino Effect A Mindfully Positive Path to Goal-Setting What’s up with the Dominoes? If you didn’t read my last…

January 1, 2012/

The OR Blame Game. The OR environment is ripe for blaming. There are often pre-established hierarchical levels depending on job…

December 8, 2011/

Dominoes vs Rainbows  Practical goal-setting—get out your dominoes! I recently wrote about choices and recognizing how much of our lives…

November 2, 2011/

Voice your Choice What are the choices you have made in your life? What are the choices that you have…

September 22, 2011/

Going Down in Blames  Blames here, Blames there, Blames, Blames Everywhere! I needed a new camera and couldn’t decide between…

August 11, 2011/

Bullying in the Operating Room. Workplace bullying is disruptive behavior, characterized by antisocial, interpersonal aggression or hostility with repeated and…

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