iStock_000001038064XSmallThank you for your interest in our consulting services. We offer consulting on a diverse range of health and wellness topics to individuals, couples, families, schools, communities, organizations and corporations. We limit our consulting service to only those areas where we have profound expertise. Programs are structured with a tailored and personalized approach.

Do you want a change in career, a new optimistic outlook, help with directed goal-setting, or overcoming adversity? Do you have issues regarding customer relations, employee morale or productivity? We will analyze your current situation and Create an Individualized Positive Power program for you with specific plans and a roadmap for improvement and implementation. Areas of focus include negative-to-positive conversion training. We also have a Positive Power program for health care workers to develop a high-quality patient-centered approach.

Conflict creates poor job performance, stress, physical disorders, mental fatigue and unhappiness. Our Conflict Management consulting is for businesses as well as couples, families and individuals. We balance individual needs with qualities of assertiveness and cooperativeness. DHWI helps clients define the types of conflicts they are experiencing and work with them to develop appropriate coping strategies.

Professional consulting can boost sales, improve employee engagement, drive creativity, enhance workplace satisfaction. Wellness programs such as exercise clubs, personal trainers, smoking cessation) may bring back a 300% return on investment (ROI) as a result of lower health insurance costs, fewer sick days, decreased turnover, etc. Wellness programs and consulting make great financial sense.

With thousands of self-help gurus available today, what makes DHWI different? Dr. Farber is an achiever who has overcome what many would label as huge obstacles – he sees them as opportunities. He has studied many belief systems for over 30 years, graduated with honors in Psychology and received two doctorate degrees, including a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and MD. Dr. Farber is also a certified life coach and expert on personal motivation and transformational shifting.

His Personal Growth consultations include: meditation, relaxation and stress reduction, forming belief systems, applying focused mindfulness, creating a journey map, goal-setting, creating balance, and strengthening mind-body-spirit connections – all specifically designed to suit the individual needs of the client.

DHWI consults on many Safety issues. We are experts in creating a safe environment at home, school and work. Some topics include: dealing with abuse, how to avoid, escape, or de-escalate aggressive situations, how to protect yourself or your family, traveling or dating safety, anti-bully training, and home security.

If you have specific interests that you would like addressed within the context of a consultation, please contact us to discuss whether our service can meet your objectives. If we do not feel that we are the best fit for your particular needs, we will not try to sell our services.