Our Goals
Our goals involve preventative mental, physical and spiritual care through both traditional and alternative approaches while incorporating the best new-age inspirational/motivational techniques. DHWI incorporates relaxation and meditation into Positive Psychologic principles. Dr. Farber provides seminars for corporations and individuals as well as for high school and college campuses. He teaches and consults on a variety of topics ranging from personal and family safety and raising responsible children, to conflict management.
Helping Underprivileged Children
DHWI is actively involved in providing care, both financially and medically, to underprivileged children throughout the world. Dr. Neil has volunteered time, financial assistance, and medical expertise to children in Asia, South America and the Middle East. A portion of all proceeds generated by the DHWI is donated to various international medical missions for children. Alliance for Smiles, Inc. (Allianceforsmiles.org) is the organization with which we will focus on for the upcoming year.
How may we reach DHWI
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