Taking Action vs Dreaming


Dreaming is great! I love to dream. Dreaming gives us direction, guidance and motivation. But dreaming and visualizing alone doesn’t get the job done.

While visualizing and dreaming has been one of the principles that I have used to succeed, I could not have gotten anywhere without getting off the couch and making it happen.

All of you ACTION BOARD proponents, I would love to hear what and how you achieved your goals.

All of you VISION BOARD proponents, I would love to hear how visualization alone – WITHOUT ANY ACTION brought you success.

I have been asked many times why there are so many testimonials about successful Vision Boards. I believe that the answer lies in a combination of the Placebo Effect, the need to be part of something big and that the reality is they took some form of ACTION to achieve their goals. So, I would also love to hear from former Vision Board believers who were not successful in Dreaming to Achieve Goals!


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