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The Dynamic Health & Wellness Institute (DHWI) is an innovative company that establishes a Positive Power perspective. We actualize your individual potential for internal growth and help you establish a strong mind-body-spirit connection.

What We Do


DHWI offers life coaching, success coaching, peak performance, relationships, group, health & wellness, and business coaching


DHWI offers a variety of online courses including: Graduate Level Instructor Certifications, personal defense, Reiki, mindfulness, meditation.


DHIW offers consulting services for a variety of personal and corporate issues including safety, team building, and leadership.


DHWI provides seminars, workshops, and keynote lectures in several areas including martial arts, positive psychology, and teaching in non-traditional environments.


Our Mission is to help educate and consult with individuals, families, schools, communities, organizations, and corporations on issues promoting personal growth through the discipline of Positive Power and the belief in “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.”

The Keys to Achieve resides within the Dynamic Health & Wellness Institute (DHWI) and forms the basis of the positive psychologic outlook and the strong success at goal achievement of the Institute.

DHWI has an incredible leadership team of executives, wellness professionals, coaches, and educators

Lori comes from the corporate executive world, she’s a master certified life coach, wellness professional, and martial artist

Miesha is a Wellness Professional, World Champion UFC fighter and martial artist, and Certified Master Life Coach 

Kaelah is a Wellness Professional, Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, Reiki Master, and Certified Master Life Coach

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DHWI Services


DHWI offers a huge variety of seminars and workshops


Diverse selection of transformational and inspirational topics including goal setting, mindfulness, positive psychology, safety, personal defense, exercise, and nutrition


DHWI offers personal and group coaching


DHWI offers both in person and online coaching. We specialize in peak performance, success, action board, business, relationships, health & wellness, and group coaching

Certification Courses

DHWI offers a variety of graduate level courses

Certification Courses

We offer full accreditation for those with skills, knowledge, and experience in either teaching or practicing a variety of subjects.

Life Coach Certification

DHWI partners with Warrior Life Coaching

Warrior Life Coach

Become a Certified Warrior Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Nutrition Coach, Relationship Coach, Peak Performance Coach, Business Coach, Group Coach, or Health & Wellness Coach

Inconspicuous Exercises

Incon-X, an innovative small space exercise program

Inconspicuous Exercises

Incon-X is a scientifically-based yoga, pilates, and martial arts, small space exercise program. No equipment necessary. 

Get A Solution for Your Businesses

DHWI is present-minded and solution-focused!

Dreams Come True

Our Partners

We are great at what we do. We can’t do everything, so having reliable and strong partners is essential

Warrior Life Coaching offers certification and accreditation in a variety of Coaching Specialties. Their coaching courses are based on the Key to Achieve Principles and Action Board philosophy.

National Association of Teaching Professionals (NATP) is the premier organization focusing on supporting and promoting high quality education for teachers, coaches, and educators in non-traditional environments/

The Martial Arts Coaching Association (MACA) promotes and supports excellence in martial arts coaching and education. Unlike other martial arts organizations, MACA is concerned with high quality education and coaching for both the martial arts students and instructors.

The International Kavanah Federation (IKF) oversees the teaching and promoting of Kavanah Krav Maga. This is an eclectic martial art blending Israeli styles of Krav Maga, Kapap, and Hisardut with Muay Thai, BJJ, Kyokushin karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido/Aikido, Filipino Martial Arts, Wing Chun/Jeet Kune Do, and pressure point fighting. Kavanah was created by Dr. Neil Farber – Founder of DHWI

The Federation of Israeli Martial Arts (FIMA) is the world leader in promoting, supporting and overseeing Israeli Martial Arts and self-defense systems. They are like the “better business bureau” for Israeli Martial Arts. There focus on high quality instruction is where we, at DHWI share a common objective.

DHWI has partnered with a few great companies and businesses


Membership in DHWI

We offer membership in DHWI for those who support our mission of promoting high quality education for those in non-traditional teaching environments.


39 $ 14 99
This is a supporter level membership for those who believe in high quality education, the importance of mindfulness, and transformational growth
Monthly Key to Achieve Tips
Discounts on DHWI seminars and workshops
Access to the Key to Achieve FaceBook group


129 $ 79 99
For the motivated and inspired Achiever. This membership includes great discounts on pricing for private coaching as well as coaching certification courses.
Monthly Key to Achieve Tips
Discounts on DHWI Seminars and Workshops
Access to the Key to Achieve Facebook group
Monthly Group Zoom Meetings
10% discount on private coaching - up to 4 per month
10% discount on coaching certification courses


279 $ 199 99
This is the highest level of membership at DHWI. This comes with all the bells and whistles. This is for the serious high-achiever who believes that failure is not an option. This membership includes a monthly zoom group call, along with serious discounts on all products, including seminars, workshops, coaching, coaching courses, and graduate level courses.
Monthly Key to Achieve Tips
Discounts on DHWI Seminars and Workshops
Access to the Key to Achieve FaceBook Group
Monthly Group Zoom Meetings
15% discount on private coaching - up to 6 per month
15% discount on coaching certification courses
15% discount on all graduate level certification courses

Leadership Team

Dr. Neil Farber

Founder - Retired

Dr. Farber graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Psychology and 4 doctorate degrees as a physician (MD) and PhDs in Pharmacology, Religious Studies and Metaphysics. He was the author of over 150 scientific abstracts, articles, and self-help books and a writer for Psychology Today magazine. Dr. Farber was a certified Master Life Coach, hypnotherapist, holistic therapist, meditation guide, mindfulness coach, NLP master, wellness coach, cognitive behavioral therapy coach, Reiki Master and Grandmaster Martial Artist. Dr. Farber frequently volunteered on 3rd World medical missions. He was the founder of the Action Board, Key to Achieve and Dominoes concepts for goal achievement.He retired as a Professor of Pharmacology, Anesthesiology and Pediatrics at a medical school and university Psychology Professor when he started losing his eyesight.

Lori Farber


Lori comes from the corporate world. Lori graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Political Science. She was a political intern in Washington for a US Senator before moving to Arizona and joining the leadership team at Pepsi and then Taco Bell. After many years as a manager, Lori left the corporate wold to become the CEO and President of FIMA, the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts. In a short time, FIMA became the world leading organization in Israeli Martial Arts.

In addition to her leadership skills, Lori is a certified master life coach, relationship coach, business coach, health & wellness coach, and action board coach. Lori is also a martial artist and enjoys traveling and spending time with her three grandchildren.

Miesha Tate


Miesha Tate had a successful amateur wrestling and mixed martial arts career and turned pro in 2007. Miesha won the Freestyle Cage Fighting Bantamweight Championship in 2009, the Strikeforce Champion in 2011 and the UFC World Championship in 2016. Media outlets like FoxSports.com described Miesha’s ground game as “powerful” and “dominant”. She retired from MMA in 2022 and began to focus on a career in wellness. Tate appeared in the award-winning MMA documentary Fight Life and is featured as a playable character in the video game EA Sports UFC. She appeared in the 2013 ESPN Body Issue and the cover of Fitness Gurls magazine which labeled Tate “the most beautiful woman in MMA”. In 2014, Tate joined the management company KHI and gained sponsorships from NASCAR and Budweiser. She co-hosts the Sirius XM radio show, Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha and in 2022 was the winner of the third season of Celebrity Big Brother, in which she won four Head of Household competitions. Miesha owns and operates a Wellness Studio in Las Vegas and is certified in a variety of disciplines including hyperbaric oxygen chambers. She is a practicing master life coach, business coach, health & wellness coach, peak performance coach and mindfulness coach.

Kaelah Butler

Vice President

Kaelah trained with her father in martial arts from the age of 4. She has also studied with many other masters and grandmasters in martial arts for over 23 years including, Benny “The Jet”, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Sifu Samuel Kwok, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Mark Gridley, Guru Julius Melegrito, and many others. Kaelah has trained in Muay Thai, Escrima, Kyokushin karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chanbara, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Tai Chi. She is holds Black Belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Kavanah and Hisardut and is a certified instructor in Kapap. Kaelah also trained and certified in Israel with law enforcement and military officers as the only female. Kaelah is an award-winning martial artist, 3-time Hall of Fame inductee (including Action Martial Arts Magazine and the London International) as Instructor of the Year. After living in Israel for several years, Kaelah returned to the United States, became a Hebrew School teacher and began a career in health and wellness. She is a life coach, certified in several different systems, health & wellness coach, relationship coach, mindfulness coach, Reiki Master and certified Tai Chi and Yoga instructor. Kaelah spends her spare time with her husband Alex and her son, Ori.

  • DHWI Staff

    Our staff is incredibly talented in a variety of fields.

K. RavenHawk Cain

K. RavenHawk Cain

Martial artist, songwriter, musician, certified life coach, wellness coach and philosopher
Alexander Butler

Alexander Butler

In addition to being a software engineer and technical guru, Alex is a hall of fame inductee martial arts instructor.
Julius Melegrito

Julius Melegrito

Guru Julius Melegrito is a multi-talented martial arts hall of fame instructor, musician, master life coach, peak performance coach and business coach.

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