Dynamic Health

MAIN-IMGThe Dynamic Health & Wellness Institute (DHWI) is an innovative company that establishes a Positive Power perspective. We actualize your individual potential for internal growth and help you establish a strong mind-body-spirit connection. Our Mission is to help educate and consult with individuals, families, schools, communities, organizations and corporations on issues promoting personal growth through the discipline of Positive Power and the belief in “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.”

Positive Power is the force generated from the use of positive emotions, communications, outlooks, beliefs and actions to improve the human condition. We combine positive psychology concepts with other proven techniques such as focused mindfulness, the Power of Present Living, relaxation/meditation, resilience, advanced goal-setting, and alternative approaches to wellness. We help clients generate the Positive Power necessary to create and sustain a sense of well-being and produces positive results for our clients.

DHWI and the Positive Power philosophy were developed by the Founder, Dr. Neil Farber. Dr. Farber has a degree in Psychology in addition to two doctorate degrees (Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Medicine). He is a practicing physician, teacher, wellness practitioner, and martial arts grandmaster.

A portion of all proceeds generated by DHWI is donated to various international medical missions for children. Please check out our Mission Photos.