Keys to Continuously Encourage Self-Growth

The end of the year is upon us, making many people count their accomplished goals. If you are one of them, you are doing a great job—setting goals is one crucial element of self-growth. Slowly but surely, these goals will head you in the right direction, and it all starts with a positive mindset and the willingness to improve in all areas of life.

The eagerness to better yourself in any way means that you are encouraging self-growth. However, the challenge is to continue having that disposition. Learn how to keep the enthusiasm as you journey to self-growth and read on:

Be Receptive to Learning

Every day, we learn something new—be it from new experiences or the people we encounter. It is impressive proof that learning is a lifelong process. If you keep this in mind, you will be continuously encouraging growth within yourself. Even after you get your university diploma, you still have leaps of enlightenment, wisdom, and knowledge to earn. One way or another, those who are open to lifelong learning are happier as it is one of the most effective ways to deal with changes. Remember, what you learned yesterday may not be enough for today, so be open to new learnings.

Have an Action-Based Pathway

Having a mindset that will enable you to take action on your goals is essential. Once we decide to achieve something, it is necessary to take action. In other words, don’t just decide to achieve but decide on doing. Dr. Neil Farber’s book on self-improvement and positive psychology give readers light on this, giving solutions to your goal-achieving desires. His book, Throw Away Your Vision Board: The Truth about the Law of Attraction, has been praised because it provides readers a directed and action-based pathway. Dr. Farber debunks the truth about the law of attraction, as well as all the sides of vision boards. So, if you are a fan of vision boards, this book will be significant to you.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

Being aware of your inner voice will give you the ultimate guide that you need in your life. It will help you navigate the decisions that you need to make. Thus, you can’t let your inner voice work against you. It would be best to allow this to work in your favor. In other words, avoid harsh and negative thinking. Focus on having a healthy mentality for yourself, and don’t let destructive happenings ruin your mental health. So, if you feel like the pressure of life is getting to you, always take a break from it. Go out and get that peace back to where it belongs.

Make Time for Self-Reflection

When you self-reflect, you allow yourself to look at your thoughts, emotions, and feelings as neutral as possible. Hence, you throw away biases and assumptions. This way, you assess yourself with curiosity. You can start with questions about your day. Is there anything that happened today that you regret doing? Do you wish you could change the way you reacted or approached? Positive questions like these will help you become self-aware, which is a factor that helps you understand yourself from multiple perspectives. In other words, you learn to have more self-control.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Always choose to surround yourself with positive people. If you feel like you need to declutter—stop minding people who don’t matter—you definitely should. It can be a stern action to take. However, if you think about it, it is for your own good. Think of the people who bring you down. Do they deserve your time and attention? Most of the time, they don’t. It calls for you to leave and never look back. To say otherwise, those who exude desirable qualities that you would love to have, are the people you want in your life.

Write Down Your Feelings

Writing down your feelings allows you to track your progress. If you see your progress, you become more motivated to do more. Make sure that you turn it into a daily habit. To not forget, put your journal beside your bed. This way, you can either do it when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed. Expressive writing is the most effective form of journaling; you will surely notice how improved your mental health can go.

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